The FLA curriculum consists of classroom sessions that focus on leadership skills and vital information about MPS and the Milwaukee community. The FLA members then apply what they've learned by completing action projects within the school that must affect student achievement, include more parents and have a lasting effect. The Family Connectors work closely with the parents, teachers, and school administration throughout the implementation of the projects on issues of communication, coordination, and monitoring results. FLA results are reported in the stories section.

The FLA database called "Chains of Connections" is used to track the impact of FLA. This process documents how participants are incorporating leadership into their lives. Six outcome domains have emerged: Business/Job, Church, Community, Family, Personal Growth and School. So far, 189 responses have been collected from 32 FLA participants. The actions that they have taken are reflected in the following chart.

This tracking system is embedded in the FLA curriculum. In addition, each session will be evaluated for effectiveness of the presentations, set-up, strengths and weaknesses. The action inquiry continuing improvement cycle will lead to continued updates on the curriculum and will provide an opportunity for cross training of facilitators.

Program partners

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Action Research (AR)

FLA collaborates with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) to offer CEUs for parents and also to offer AR focused on parent leadership and funds of
knowledge (FOK).

Parent Services

FLA partners with the agencies working with the Child Welfare Bureau to offer Parent Services in three areas: Anger Management, Parenting Class, and Parent Assistance.

Parent Leadership in Physical Activity and Nutrition Education

FLA is partnering with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS)to offer Parent Leadership to parents in 12 schools that are working to implement a PEP grant focused on physical activity and nutrition education.

Parent Leadership

FLA is working with the Harambee Great Neighborhoods initiative to develop and implement a parent and community leadership program.

Parent Leadership and Funds of Knowledge (FOK)

FLA in collaboration with UWM, CUCD is partnering with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and State Farm Insurance to improve attendance and tardiness in three MPS schools. The focus is on FOK of the families to link home and school knowledge.

Parent Leadership and Funds of Knowledge (FOK)

FLA is a partner with UWM-CUCD, MPS, WIDA, Wl Department of Public Instruction and Milwaukee Teacher Education Center to work with English Language Learners. This project, MAGIC. is focused on teachers and parents. FLA's role is to develop parent leadership to facilitate Home School Knowledge Exchange. FLA is partnering

FLA is partnering with Parents Plus, Inc., UWM-CUCD and Hi-Mount Community School, Westside Academy I & ll, U.S. Grant and BEAM schools to offer FOK workshops designed to identify parents' and family strengths that support their child's learning.

FOK Level 2, Parent Workshops are being held in January and February at Silver Spring Academy housed in Silver Spring Neighborhood Center in Milwaukee

FOK Level 2, Parent Workshops are being held in January and February at Mitchell School in Milwaukee

FLA is working with the Education Committee of the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative in Milwaukee